flowery angst

Wah!  I apologize for my absence, it’s been a busy time filled with exams, newpaper-editing, ballet rehearsals, stressing out, aaaaaaaand beautiful sunshine.  It’s been absolutely gorgeous here recently and it’s only making school harder to deal with.  BUT, only 26 more days to go!  Just gotta belieeeeeeve in myself ~*~*~

First things first, Best Coast’s NEW ALBUM  “The Only Place” IS OUT!!!  It debuted this past Tuesday, and oh man, it was like Christmas for me.  Why can’t I be you, Bethany Cosentino 😥  More summer vibes to tempt me with.

A spinach-peach-pear smoothie from my favorite coffee shop, a PERFECT rose that I encountered on a walk home from school, the view from my living room, and my Yogaville (the yoga retreat I went to with my mama last weekend) sticker.  The bottom two pictures were taken at Yogaville!  Isn’t it just so mystically stunning??  I MEDITATED inside that shit!  Soooo rad.

beginnings” by ggrraaccee

1.  Age of Consent — New Order
2.  Funeral Face — Suburban Kids With Biblical Names
3.  Let’s Go Home — Best Coast
4.  Lessons — Beach Fossils
5.  Mr Tough — Yo La Tengo
6.  Rill Rill — Sleigh Bells
7.  Lust for Life — Girls
8.  Lovecats — The Cure
9.  Bad Kids — Black Lips
10.  Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing — The Magnetic Fields

Deees were not taken by me!  Tumblr is my gateway :F

My favorite misfit, Morrissey.  Is it weird that he reminds me of my dad?
There are a lot of things I love about him, but there are a lot of Morrissey moments where I’m like, wait… did he just say that?  His extreme sensitivity and underlying insecurity is very interesting to me, and his music intrigues me even more.  Listen to just about any Smiths song (you could probably like, close your eyes, spin in a circle, flail your arms in one direction and randomly point to a song) and you’ll hear a sweet happy tune.  But listen to the lyrics, and you’ll hear some depressing stuff, my friend.  What a character.  I ♥ him.


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  1. You should check out my post about Morrissey from the other day

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