reliving my childhood

♥ ♥ ♥  The one, the only, Shel Silverstein  ♥ ♥ ♥


8 responses to “reliving my childhood

  1. Jackie Paulson

    wow this is so creative… I got a laughed out of shel silversteins comic too.

  2. You’re really cool and I really like your blog and I am livin’ all to angsty too. But I’m stuck down south.

    • Oh girl girl let’s be angsty friends together! ehee that’s funny, I’m like, the biggest “northerner” you’ll see ;3 Your style is beeeeeautiful by the way, I like your taste in… everything.

      • Thank you kindly. We need like a buddy buddy angsty club! And also, people need to stop talking about lax. It’s not that cool. Or are you a laxer? Please don’t be one of them.

      • Any time! YEAH let’s do it, angsty teenage feminists club ra ra ra
        Hahahha trust me I know exactly what you mean, at my school, lacrosse could be accurately described as a sort of dynasty. And nawwwwwwwh just a ballet dancer/wannabe journalist! Yourself?

      • I want to be a number of possible things:
        -Politician (your talking right now to a future female president)
        -Typewriter specialist/ printmaker/ old machinery specialist
        -Journalist (though I come from a huge family of journalists that used to own a paper and every time I say that, they’re like “Oh, how original.”
        -Awesome Mermaid Pet Lady
        -Tavi Gevinson
        -Something fashion-y
        thats all i can think of right now… I’m sure you’re sorry you asked.

      • It sounds like we’re on the same boat! zomg, Tavi is my hero. I’ll be sure to vote for you in your presidential election, and supply you with mermaids if need be 🙂

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