summer, graphically represented

Here’s a collection of summer-inspired collages all made by me.  I’ve only been listening to surf-punk and have gone swimming quite often ye ye ye so CLOSE.

My spring performance season for ballet is DONE!  I had my last two shows yesterday and I am much, much less stressed out now.  One of the boys broke his rib in the middle of the first show though… That was stressful.  But ah, everything is coming to nice closure.


8 responses to “summer, graphically represented

  1. I love the third one!

  2. my favorites are the one with the movie goers in the pool and the one with rollercoaster. I get the summer vibes(:

  3. Your collages are really great 🙂

  4. they are amazing. plus, you’re the first person in the blogoshpere i’ve come across who has a jim morrison-related-thing. i have a jim morrison-related-thing too. that means we’re cool. 😀

    Rosie Say Relax

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