5 months

…Is how long I’ve managed to stay away from this blog and, truthfully, very much of the internet world!  And damn, a lot has changed.  In the time I’ve been absent, I have:

  1. Lived in Boston for five weeks to participate in Boston Ballet’s summer intensive, and in doing so met fab gorgeous people and the greatest number of gay guys I’ve yet to interact with (probs why it rocked so much).
  2. Found peace within my friend group/social life and have succeeded in surrounding myself with stellar people.  If you recall this blog post from last school year, you can see some serious improvement.
  3. Turned sixteen.  It was mediocrely cool.
  4. Become super involved in school!  YEAH!  From editing the Opinion section of the newspaper, to being an officer of Young Democrats, to participating more in Amnesty International…  It’s been a grand time.
  5. Developed a love for Eminem and can rap the entirety of “Just Lose It”.  Please, judge me.
  6. Set my mind on the idea of attending Northwestern and am not budging.  Despite being a 16 year old sophomore, my journalism fantasies have taken me exceptionally far.
  7. Found peace with myself.  I used to be this hyper-obsessed skinny girl who wanted nothing more than a sticky build, which led to hyper-obsessed food diagramming and hyper-obsessed exercising.  Then this summer I realized, fuck it.  I’m going to eat this bag of chocolate and four pieces of pizza with some mac and cheese and I’m going to LOVE IT.
  8. Gotten a job at a bread store!  It’s cute and quaint and fun and great and easy, I like it.

Boston, Boston, Boston.  I miss the city and the incredible people.

End of summer… R.I.P.

Spirit week highlights.  If dressing as a hula girl on the daily was even slightly socially permitted, I’d go for it.

Homecoming!  I’m such a generic high schooler at times, it hurts.

This blog post was nothing short of absolute shit, but hey, I’m a little rusty.  Hopefully I’ll be able to post every couple of weeks or so to tell you all of my latest Starbucks discoveries and life revelations.  Hasta la viste!  (If that’s wrong, I blame the fact that I take French…)




My brain’s current state

  • Finals, finals, finals, finals, and more finals!
  • Summer is FOUR. DAYS. AWAY.
  • But finals…
  • Fuck this I’m going bike riding
  • I want an iced coffee
  • I should start packing for Boston
  • Ok I’ll start studying in 30 minutes
  • Why isn’t it summer
  • Why am I getting up at 5:40
  • Why aren’t I at a pool
  • Can I go shopping
  • Uhg
  • It’s really hot outside
  • Ok I’ll start studying in 30 minutes

And on that note, I’m going to take a nap.

summer, graphically represented

Here’s a collection of summer-inspired collages all made by me.  I’ve only been listening to surf-punk and have gone swimming quite often ye ye ye so CLOSE.

My spring performance season for ballet is DONE!  I had my last two shows yesterday and I am much, much less stressed out now.  One of the boys broke his rib in the middle of the first show though… That was stressful.  But ah, everything is coming to nice closure.

sunshine & procrastination

This weekend’s been one huge tease that is so bittersweet that I’m not sure if I can accurately explain it.  I crave summer like no other (actually, I crave it like the rest of my school’s population does) and these last 17 days or so are going to be very, very painful.  It’s one of those melodramatic teenage moments where I’m like, “OMG, NOT GOING TO SURVIVE THESE THREE WEEKS OF SCHOOL…  I’M GOING TO DIE.”  You all know exactly what I’m talking about.

A summery day in my backyard, when I should’ve been doing homework.  A dramatic scene from last night following the nail-polish-spillage thanks to my most destructive friend.  No seriously, every time she steps foot in anyone’s house she breaks/ruins something.  Me being a tool!  And lastly, a picture from walking home after a summer-vibey night (there were about 10 of us strolling down the busiest street in my town at 11pm… #yolo).

PURCHASES!  I’m in love with these shoes, I could wear them forever.  They’re comfortable and cute and go with everything and I lyke dem a loot.  + Ahhh, I’m on a sheer polyester button-up shirts craze right now!  I was tempted to buy EVERY SINGLE ONE that I saw, not kidding.

I also got this simple jade green dress from Charlotte Russe for like, $10.  I’ve been on a dress craze as well… I just like the easiness and liberty that comes with wearing them, I think.  Pants are restricting, I’m not a fan.

In order to make my life EVEN HARDER, I’ve been watching Dazed and Confused, because I don’t already want summer enough.  Uhg.

Newly obsessed with the genius that Kelly O’Connor creates.
I wish I could create art half as beautiful and whimsical as her work ❤ ❤ ❤

sunshine state of mind” by ggrraaccee

1.  (Do The) Fuck Yourself — Nobunny
2.  Looking Out For Summer — Strawberry Whiplash
3.  D’yer Mak’er — Led Zeppelin
4.  Private Room — Hunx
5.  Bedroom Eyes — Dum Dum Girls
6.  Feral — Boxed Wine
7.  I Get Around — The Beach Boys
8.  Electric Feel — MGMT
9.  Madison Row — The District Attorneys
10.  California Sun — The Ramones

And finally, a message for all readers…

reliving my childhood

♥ ♥ ♥  The one, the only, Shel Silverstein  ♥ ♥ ♥

flowery angst

Wah!  I apologize for my absence, it’s been a busy time filled with exams, newpaper-editing, ballet rehearsals, stressing out, aaaaaaaand beautiful sunshine.  It’s been absolutely gorgeous here recently and it’s only making school harder to deal with.  BUT, only 26 more days to go!  Just gotta belieeeeeeve in myself ~*~*~

First things first, Best Coast’s NEW ALBUM  “The Only Place” IS OUT!!!  It debuted this past Tuesday, and oh man, it was like Christmas for me.  Why can’t I be you, Bethany Cosentino 😥  More summer vibes to tempt me with.

A spinach-peach-pear smoothie from my favorite coffee shop, a PERFECT rose that I encountered on a walk home from school, the view from my living room, and my Yogaville (the yoga retreat I went to with my mama last weekend) sticker.  The bottom two pictures were taken at Yogaville!  Isn’t it just so mystically stunning??  I MEDITATED inside that shit!  Soooo rad.

beginnings” by ggrraaccee

1.  Age of Consent — New Order
2.  Funeral Face — Suburban Kids With Biblical Names
3.  Let’s Go Home — Best Coast
4.  Lessons — Beach Fossils
5.  Mr Tough — Yo La Tengo
6.  Rill Rill — Sleigh Bells
7.  Lust for Life — Girls
8.  Lovecats — The Cure
9.  Bad Kids — Black Lips
10.  Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing — The Magnetic Fields

Deees were not taken by me!  Tumblr is my gateway :F

My favorite misfit, Morrissey.  Is it weird that he reminds me of my dad?
There are a lot of things I love about him, but there are a lot of Morrissey moments where I’m like, wait… did he just say that?  His extreme sensitivity and underlying insecurity is very interesting to me, and his music intrigues me even more.  Listen to just about any Smiths song (you could probably like, close your eyes, spin in a circle, flail your arms in one direction and randomly point to a song) and you’ll hear a sweet happy tune.  But listen to the lyrics, and you’ll hear some depressing stuff, my friend.  What a character.  I ♥ him.

holton rower is cool

And so is his art technique of “pour painting”, check check check it out

Trippy like anything and totally mesmerizing (looks easy, too!).  But maybe I shouldn’t say that.  His exhibition was in New York and it just looks like so much fun.

Happy Mother’s Day, all!  I returned home from a weekend-long yoga retreat with my own mama today, feeling relaxed and zen as evar 🙂 🙂 🙂